Businesses today need to comply with increasingly stringent rules and regulations and any breach can lead to wide-ranging sanctions.

At Goldman Bailey, we provide proactive, practical advice designed to safeguard your personal and commercial interests. We understand the potential consequences of such proceedings - even negative publicity associated with an investigation can have a devastating effect. Wherever possible, we will negotiate with the prosecuting agency to seek a resolution without the need for court proceedings.

We will assist you through every stage of an investigation or prosecution, including representation at court. Our expertise in criminal defence work allows us to become involved at the earliest stage of an investigation, which is often crucial to the successful defence of this type of case.

Goldman Bailey is able to advise individuals and organisations involved in investigations and prosecutions brought by the following regulatory authorities:

  • Environment Agency
  • Health and Safety Executive, including allegations of Corporate Manslaughter
  • Trading Standards
  • Office of Fair Trading
  • Food and Hygiene / Environmental Health
  • Information Commission (Data Protection Act)
  • Local Authority Investigations
  • Security Industry Authority (SIA), including applications and appeals
  • Public Carriage Office (PCO), including applications and appeals

Please contact us for more information about how we can help with your case.


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